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Comprehensive lists of companies, products and services relating to Six Sigma, Lean, operational excellence, change management, continuous improvement & more.

Collecting the leading consultants, products and service providers specialising in Six Sigma, Lean, Operational Excellence, Business Improvement and more. Improvement consultants will help you design a roll-out programme, lead and support your projects and provide in-house training, customised to suit your business. The products and services listed include books, software and specialist services for data analysis, project tracking, training simulations, aligning business strategy and online communications guidelines and resources, as well as general Six Sigma and Lean assistance.
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Posted: 10 Dec 2010
Visualising Transformation: The key to saving money and improving services
Visualising Transformation is a step forward from Lean-Systems Thinking, enabling genuine improvements for the service sector creating significant cost reductions, while improving service delivery and environmental improvements.

Transformation is achieved by addressing operational and
Posted: 17 Mar 2010
Minitab Technical Support
You can acccess Minitab's technical support free by phone or online. Our specialists are highly skilled in statistics, quality improvement and computer systems. Local support is also available through Minitab representatives worldwide. To speak with a technical support specialist during normal
Posted: 09 Oct 2009
JMP® Statistical Discovery Software
Discover dynamic data visualisation. Discover things you never expected. Everyone can relate to “aha” moments – those moments of clarity when, all of the sudden, something makes perfect sense. Because every day should be filled with those moments, SAS created JMP statistical software. It’s
Posted: 21 Sep 2009
In Company conferences

My Track Record

I have worked for three years as an independent consultant with over fifty clients in the private and public sectors I have fifteen years of experience in major blue-chip organisations, several years at Director level I am the co-author of a best-selling business
Posted: 12 Aug 2009
Have you ever been given a challenge and felt that "someone must have faced this before", but ended up solving it alone? Do you work in an organisation that seems to reinvent the wheel and repeat mistakes? Have you ever wondered why teams of intelligent people can be reluctant to learn and
Posted: 12 Aug 2009
No More Consultants
We have all smiled at the apocryphal tale of the consultant who borrows your watch to tell you the time, and then walks off with your watch! Deep down, we all know that there is an element of truth in the story. If we only recognised and released the capabilities which we had on the inside, our
Posted: 12 Aug 2009
I act as a coach or mentor to individuals and teams, bringing the support, objective challenge and experience that will raise their performance. Coaching support can be delivered through any combination of face-to-face, video conferencing, telephone or e-mail discussion.
Posted: 03 Aug 2009
In-company Conferences and Enagement Events
Through presentation, business storytelling and high-value examples, I can engage staff at all levels. This has included the boards of major corporations, practitioners, subject experts and newly inducted graduates. Posted: 03 Aug 2009
Training and Development
I provide a number of training and development offerings - including: * high-level introductory events, * leadership and executive development, * specific masterclasses, * tailored toolkits and facilitation guides, * in-depth, experiential workshops in which people use
Posted: 03 Aug 2009