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Comprehensive lists of companies, products and services relating to Six Sigma, Lean, operational excellence, change management, continuous improvement & more.

Collecting the leading consultants, products and service providers specialising in Six Sigma, Lean, Operational Excellence, Business Improvement and more. Improvement consultants will help you design a roll-out programme, lead and support your projects and provide in-house training, customised to suit your business. The products and services listed include books, software and specialist services for data analysis, project tracking, training simulations, aligning business strategy and online communications guidelines and resources, as well as general Six Sigma and Lean assistance.
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Visualising Transformation: The key to saving money and improving services
Visualising Transformation is a step forward from Lean-Systems Thinking, enabling genuine improvements for the service sector creating significant cost reductions, while improving service delivery and environmental improvements.

Transformation is achieved by addressing operational and
Posted: 17 Mar 2010
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